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    I realize that when I sign up I get:
    Access to HelloAlex Account
    Your own 24/7 Automated Income Assistant to help you say hello!
    Pre-Built Marketing Campaigns
    Engage Your Clients on autopilot and stay Top-of-Mind until they are ready to buy
    Postcard, Mail, and Newsletter Templates
    Add multiple touch points to your marketing: personalized and automatic
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    HelloAlex - Never miss another opportunity again!
    It’s the only automated income assistant available to help Real Estate Agents say Hello! And HelloAlex doesn’t stop there, with the click of a button you can follow up and re-engage old leads and lists of potential buyers, engage consumers with a conversation that qualifies the very best targets for you, and even schedules appointments with awesome candidates!
    Cross Channel Communication
    Talk to your leads where they want to: text message, facebook messenger, website chat, email, and more!
    Geotargeting Campaign
    Win a listing or Sell a home? Target every homeowner within a specific radius and use our
    List Reactivation
    Have some old leads in your CRM not doing anything? Simply add the list to a pre-formatted campaign to reactive and qualify them into excited appointments!
    Around the Clock Assistance
    Your assistant works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Alex will not call in sick, or halfway do the job you want them to!
    Big Data Powered
    You have access to huge amounts of information that will enable you to target and provide top level service to your best, most qualified customers!
    Customized Client Newsletter
    Dominate Your Local Market with a custom newsletter that we create, print, and mail! Plus you get a digital version to share online!
    On Boarding Concierge
    For the NON-Techies: We will make sure you get your account 100% set up and achieve the success you want
    Coaching and Mastermind
    You are not alone! When you are part of AwesomeAgent you get a VIP pass to be in the inner circle of the top Real Estate Agents in the country! Weekly calls and webinars, plus live in-person events
    That’s Me Marketing
    Training Along with belonging to a group of Movers and Shakers in the Real Estate Industry, you will also have a Behind-the-Scenes look at the most powerful and effective marketing around today; marketing that calls out to your ideal client that says: That’s me!
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